[jcifs] issue using jcifs in ultrasearch

Bryan L. Fordham bfordham at spateng.com
Thu Nov 2 14:52:55 GMT 2006

I've written a custom crawler agent for Oracle's Ultra Search using jcifs.
When the crawler is run, it first collects a list of all files it needs to
look at, then goes back and actually indexes them.


The first part works fine. The second part, however, fails.


When I write a standalone test class that transverses the directories and
then opens the files, it works fine. So I'm confident it's not a network
issue. I think it's something with ultra search not seeing all the jcifs
stuff, but I'm not certain.

Here's the error:


Processing smb://

WKG-30164: Unable to open socket to host ""

   "javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext

WKG-30025: smb:// Connection


That's when me setting jcifs.smb.client.username|password|domain. I
originally tried with the domain, username and password in the URL, with the
same results.


Thanks for any pointers



Ps: I posted a message to the oracle ultra search forum as well. If I get
any useful info from there I'll post it here if anyone is interested

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