[jcifs] Help with inital setup of jcifs

Tim Love tim.love at fnf.com
Thu May 25 21:15:29 GMT 2006

i am pulling my hair, what little i have left, out.  I have blown a day 
so far and i know it is probably just a simple fix, but i have read so 
much documentation i can't seem to find out what i am doing wrong.

here is my setup.

Java Server: Jetty version: 5.1.11RC0
Browser: IE 6
jcifs: 1.2.9
Windows Domain: 2003
running locally on win xp pro

i have tried everyway to think of to get this working.  

if i use an ip address ( in the url it will prompt me and then
authenticate me against the local box\userid but if i try by 
intranet address (localhost) or add the ip address to the trusted sites 
it will error out. 

byteCount=56 but readBytesWireFormat returned 26
treeConnect: unc=\\*domainname*\IPC$,service=?????
May 25, 2006 5:13:30 PM org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler handle
SEVERE: /Driver: 

hopefully someone can help me.


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