[jcifs] NtlmFilter: IE always gets basic challange instead of NTLM?

Nathan Phelps nphelps at amicas.com
Tue May 23 19:54:50 GMT 2006

I have an admittedly odd setup:
  -IIS is fronting Tomcat (historical reason)
  -IIS is set to anonymous access,
  -The Servlet container is running the NtlmFilter
  -The browser is always IE 6.0.

Here is what is happening.  If I remove IIS from the equation everything works 
great--if I put IIS back in front (a requirement), then IE always gets a basic 
authentication dialogue (IIS is set for anonymous access) and I can confirm 
that the posted authorization is basic instead of NTLM by tracing through the 
Filter.  Does anyone have any idea why putting IIS in front would somehow turn 
a NTLM challenge into a basic challenge?


Nathan Phelps

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