[jcifs] System.err in jcifs.util.LogStream

Yakov yakovb at bisinfo.com.au
Mon May 22 07:30:23 GMT 2006

When jcifs.util.LogStream.getInstance() is called and jcifs.util.LogStream.inst
is null, jcifs.util.LogStream.setInstance(System.err) is called. But this mean
that on most logging frameworks e.g. Log4j, when the jcifs properties are
written out the messages have the ERROR threashhold. Is there a reason or is
this a minor bug? 

I suppose the System.err i.e. ERROR threashhold makes sure the logging of the
properties is done even if the custom application threashhold is above INFO (the
threashhold for System.out) and this is desired as the properies are supposed to
be logged when the log level is above 2. Thus this fixes the possible
discrepancy between jcifs log level and custom application logging threashhold.
Still ERROR logs can be falsely alarming.

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