[jcifs] Configuring jCIFS with multiple domain controllers for failover

Gili Nachum gilin at dbnet.co.il
Mon May 8 00:01:33 GMT 2006

I've learnt that jCIFS can be configured to use a single, specific, DC using the "jcifs.http.domainController" parameter or it can obtain a list of DC's from a WINS server using the "jcifs.netbios.wins" parameter.
I want to be able to use more than a single DC (for failover purposes), so obviously my choice would be the WINS parameter, unfortunately, my environment does not contain a WINS server (it's too old anyway :-)
How i can specify multiple DC's for jCIFS operation, it can be either hardcoded list parameter or a way to specify a DNS server/Active Directory that will return JCIFS with a runtime list of DC's (much like WINS does).
I haven't seen any reference to this subject anywhere... 10x!
With regards,

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