[jcifs] username dialog syntax changes

Tapperson Kevin Kevin.Tapperson at hcahealthcare.com
Fri Mar 24 21:06:01 GMT 2006

>> Another developer here has brought to my attention that Microsoft now

>> supports 2 different formats for entering your userid in the NTLM 
>> challenge popup.  It can be entered using the old format of 
>> <domain>\<userid> or it can now be entered using the new format of 
>> <userid>@<domain>.  (This is only available/allowed on XP and Windows
>> 2003 machines where the NTLM challenge pop-up does not contain an 
>> explicit domain field.)  Attached are 2 packet captures showing the 
>> same user authenticating to IIS using each format.  (Both are from 
>> Ethereal in libpcap format.)
>> In the old format, the NTLM type 3 message domain field contains the 
>> domain and the username field contains the userid.  In the new
>> the NTLM type 3 message domain field is NULL and the username field 
>> contains both the domain and userid specified as <userid>@<domain>.
>Actually I'm pretty sure thats actually the realm and not the domain
and the realm is not necessarily the same as the
>domain. In a large organization there can be many domains for a given
>I'll apply the patch because I don't want to bother myself with the
correct fix but for future reference I think the 
>correct fix would be to use RFC 2052 SRV DNS lookups to find the domain
controller for the particular realm.

In this case, what is the relationship then between a realm and a

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