[jcifs] NtlmHttpFilter issues.

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Mar 23 20:32:30 GMT 2006

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 13:58:54 -0400
"BASHEER, SHIBU" <shibu.basheer at emera.com> wrote:

> After much research, I managed to get NtlmHttpFilter working in tomcat.
> Here is what I did:
> 1. Had to use appropriate jcifs.smb.client.(domain, username, and
> password) (http://jcifs.samba.org/src/docs/ntlmhttpauth.html#signing)
> 2. Stick <Manager pathname=""/> in your application's <Context> in
> server.xml (http://lists.samba.org/archive/jcifs/2005-March/004807.html)

This is interesting. I'll have to add this to the FAQ.


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