[jcifs] Re: PLEASE HELP:Problem with JCIFS

Oliver Schoett os at sdm.de
Wed Mar 22 14:15:13 GMT 2006

Aleksandr Sharikov wrote:
> Nothing works there. But works very well in house.
The phrase "in house" suggests that the client having problems is 
located at another site.  How is that site connected to the server 
site?  Since NTLM auth is connection-based, you cannot have a proxy 
between browser and server (a proxy is required to maintain different 
TCP connections to the client and to the server).

This also rules out a firewall with an HTTP proxy between client and 
server.  VPN connections, packet filters and routers doing NAT should 
work, as they do allow a proper TCP connection between client and server.


Oliver Schoett

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