[jcifs] Endless loop while contacting WINS if none of the servers replies in jcifs 1.2.9

Stefan Risto risto at web.de
Fri Jun 30 14:32:57 GMT 2006


we configured two WINS servers for jcifs (version 1.2.9) HTTP NTLM authentication. We discovered that jcifs hangs in an endless loop if none of the servers is reachable, i.e. the IP-addresses point to non-existing servers.
I supposed that jcifs would return an error or throw an exception after the configured timeout, but apparently it didn't return at all.

So I investigated the code and I found a problem in the class    jcifs.netbios.NameServiceClient .
In method 
  void send( NameServicePacket request, NameServicePacket response, int timeout)
the loop trying all WINS servers is not correctly terminated. It tries the first server, then the second and then (in case you configured two servers) first again and so on. So as long as none of the servers gives an answer the method will not be left although the timeouts occur. I suppose that is not desired.

I fixed it in our local copy of jcifs and I would appreciate if someone could tell me if I misunderstood something.
You will find my version of the method later on.

Thx for your help,

    void send( NameServicePacket request, NameServicePacket response,
                                            int timeout ) throws IOException {
        Integer nid = null;
        int count = NbtAddress.NBNS.length;

        synchronized( response ) {
            do {
                try {
                    synchronized( LOCK ) {
                        request.nameTrnId = getNextNameTrnId();
                        nid = new Integer( request.nameTrnId );

                        out.setAddress( request.addr );
                        out.setLength( request.writeWireFormat( snd_buf, 0 ));
                        response.received = false;

                        responseTable.put( nid, response );
                        ensureOpen( timeout + 1000 );
                        socket.send( out );

                        if( log.level > 3 ) {
                            log.println( request );
                            Hexdump.hexdump( log, snd_buf, 0, out.getLength() );

                    response.wait( timeout );

                } catch( InterruptedException ie ) {
                } finally {
                    responseTable.remove( nid );

                if( !response.received &&
                            NbtAddress.NBNS.length > 1 &&
                            NbtAddress.isWINS( request.addr )) {
                                /* Message was sent to WINS but
                                 * failed to receive response.
                                 * Try a different WINS server.
                    if (count > 0) {
                      request.addr = NbtAddress.switchWINS();
                    } else {
                } else {
            } while( true );

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