[jcifs] Null pointer exception in ServerMessageBlock.java

Edward Costello edward.costello at orionhealth.com
Thu Jun 22 20:17:59 GMT 2006

I'm curious then. Without specifying the username and password in the 
URL, is it possible to use JCIFS to authenticate just a particular 
connection. For Example, we have a single service we connect to using 
NTLM authentication. We'd like to ensure firstly that the credentials 
are never sent to any other service that happens to require NTLM 
authentication. We'd also like to be able to use a different set of 
credentials for other services that use NTLM authentication.

As far as I could tell from the documentation the only way to set the 
username and password without putting in in the URL is to use a 
properties file, system properties or a static configuration object. All 
of these would result in the credentials being sent to any service that 
requests NTLM authentication and would prevent us ever using a second 
set of credentials for a different service.


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>>>>>Never put your password in the URL.
>>>>Why not?
>>>Because it's a security hazard.
>>Could you elaborate, please?
>URLs have a tendency to be passed around, cached, stored in config files
>and are generally promiscuous. For example. it's not inconceivable that
>a URL could be printed in a stack trace thereby possibly exposing any
>password in it to a user in a browser or terminal window.
>For real applications, URLs should never contain passwords. It's only
>provided as a convenience to the developer for experimental purposes or
>for user's who do not require any guarantee of security.
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