[jcifs] NTLM Authentication problem

Mike Streeton mike.streeton at ardentia.co.uk
Thu Jun 22 06:51:43 GMT 2006

We had problems with some people being able to connect but not other,
even though they have exactly the same config (XP pro), we got round
them by setting the following:

Configure the JCIFS parameter jcifs.smb.lmCompatibility try setting it
to 3, 4 or 5

Configure the JCIFS parameter jcifs.netbios.hostname to be the local


Set the API documentation on how to do this:


If this does not work post the config/error logs etc and Michael is very
helpful and can usually put you right.






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Hi everybody,

I have a situation where the NTLM authentication fails. I will explain
my configuration and the tests we did.

We have a weblogic server on AIX server and we use jcifs for NTLM
authentication. The users that access the website, they all have windows
desktops, with IE installed. 
All user can access the website properly . The problem start when we
want to let user from outsite the company connect.

The external user connect to a metaframe (Citrix) and they use the IE
browser on the metaframe server to connect to the internal website. 
The user are propted with a login dialog to enter their user ID and
password. After entering the information they get a server or DNS error.

After we turned the loglevel to see more info from jcifs, it looks like
the 3-rd handshake does not take place. 

Installing Firefox on the metaframe server and testing the
access,everything is working.
Using IE to connect to a second metaframe server it woks also. IE
versions on the 2 metaframes is the same. 

Can anybody help with some IE settings or give me some tips on what else
to look for to solve this. 

Thank you

Publius Ismanescu
email: publiusi at gmail.com 

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