[jcifs] Null pointer exception in ServerMessageBlock.java

Jake Goulding goulding at vivisimo.com
Wed Jun 21 18:19:58 GMT 2006

I agree with you completely. However, I think I was unclear in my prior 
email... it is actually Jarapac that does this.

On line 88 of RpcTransport.java:
pipe = new SmbNamedPipe(address, (0x2019f << 16) |
                                SmbNamedPipe.PIPE_TYPE_RDWR | 

where address is a String field that has the URL in the format of 

My code was just used as an test case to see what happens.

On a side note, Jarapac also has a debug Hexdump... is development of 
Jarapac still happening? Is this the right list to send comments about it?

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Never put your password in the URL. That's a hack for dirty scripts and
> developers that just want to test something. Either put your credentials
> in a properties file and run the VM like:
>   java -Djcifs.properties=beta.prp MyProgram
> or better still, create an NPA and pass that to the SmbFile constructor:
>   NtlmPasswordAuthentication creds =
>       new NtlmPasswordAuthentication("alpha", "beta", "gamma#");
>   SmbFile file = new SmbFile(url, creds);
> or if you must put your credentials in the URL you must URL encode
> any characters reserved for use within URLs. In particular if you
> have a '#' or a '%' you need to substitute that with the '%xx'
> where 'xx' is the hexadecimal value for that ASCII character like:
>    http://alpha;beta:gamma%23@delta/foo/bar
> Mike
> On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 10:19:28 -0400
> Jake Goulding <goulding at vivisimo.com> wrote:
>> I think I have figured this out, and I believe it has to do with the 
>> discrepancy of URL and URI and how things get encoded...
>> My password has a hash (#) in it. To see what happens, use this test 
>> program:
>> URL a = new URL("http://alpha;beta:gamma#@delta/foo/bar");

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