[jcifs] Re: Anyway to force basic authentication?

S Wagle wagle at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 21 14:03:18 GMT 2006

JCIFS will let you do SSO.  But it seems you don't want to do SSO.

If you want to prompt the user for id/password, I would think you 
shouldn't use JCIFS at all.  Use J2EE basic/forms based authentication 
and validate user credentials against Active Directory.  All app servers 
can be configured to authenticate against LDAP directory.

Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> We have a client that wants to authenticate against Active Driectory
> but wants the users to always be prompted for their credentials, so I
> thought enabling Basic authentication would accomplish that but it
> appears that is just a fallback in case NTLM fails so it doesn't quite
> do what we need.
> My next thought was well if you turn off Integrated Windows
> Authentication in Internet Explorer then that should disable NTLM but
> for some reason that doesn't seem to work (yes I closed IE and
> reopened it) as it still authenticates.
> So does anyone know how to always force basic authentication to be
> used? SSL is being forced so security isn't really an issue with using
> the basic authentication.
> Regards,

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