[jcifs] Problem with NtlmHttpFilter and Apache2

Wouter van Reeven Wouter.van.Reeven at AMIS.nl
Mon Jun 19 14:07:30 GMT 2006

Got it! On RedHat, the Apache2 option "KeepAlive" was set to "Off" while on Debian it was set to "On". Setting it to "Off" on Debian triggered the same error to happen while setting it to "On" on RedHat made the NtlmHttpFilter work perfectly well. Pfff I thought I compared those options a couple of times but apparently I have overlooked this one. So, now back to my initial settings using mod_rewrite and mod_proxy :-) Thanks for the backup guys!

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> Hi Yannick,
> Thanks for your reply. Actually, I don't use mod_jk. But I'll check to see if mod_jk is loaded and if so, I will unload it. To connect Apache2 to Tomcat I use mod_rewrite and mod_proxy. Perhaps there's a problem there too? Did you install mod_jk by hand compiled from sources from the Tomcat website?

Maybe. The NTLM HTTP Authentication protocol is a stateful 3 message
handshake. Look at the bottom of the NTLM HTTP Filter docs for details. In
particular the 2nd and 3rd messages need to share the same HTTP session
to store the transaction state. It's a delicate thing that is the source
of 90% of problems reported on this list.


Michael B Allen
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