[jcifs] CLOSE_WAIT-Connections left

Martin martin at heddergott.org
Fri Jun 16 12:50:52 GMT 2006


we have a small set of unix-scripts (mysql + smbclient) which crawls our
local network-shares for Documents and adds them into a database where
it can be searched by our users.
Now i found jcifs and gave it a try because the scripts are really slow
sometimes and i just prefer a JAVA-solution :)
Jcifs works pretty good (!!), but after searching for a while, there are
much connections in "close_wait" left. This is a problem i think,
because it can cause the operating-system to not open new connections
right ?
I did not found any method to force jcifs to close the connection
completely. Are there any methods to close a connection manually or
after a certain couple of seconds? Calling the close-Method with
reflection did not work.

Do you have any hints or explanation for me ?

Martin H.
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