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Ghouse, Sherjeel Sherjeel.Ghouse at molex.com
Wed Jun 7 15:11:29 GMT 2006

We have jCIFS NTLM Authentication implemented for an Intranet site.
jCIFS is flawless majority of the time, but we are experiencing very
rare failures of the application if one of the Domain Controller pukes.
After investigations from the Network team, I found out that the DC
being used by jCIFS is primary and is constantly under load. Since we
are using WINS in web.xml, the first entry always returns the Primary

I did try the checkAllDC.java example for each WINS  in my web.xml and
the first WINS entry returns only primary DC. Under load if primary DC
is not available, alternate DC's are never attempted (i.e alternate WINS
are never queried). Please advice on work around for this situation.

Environment Info

jCIFS Version : 1.2.7

Application Server: WebLogic 8.1 sp5 on Windows 2003 Server

Domain Controllers : Windows 2000

Clients : IE 6.0.2

Web.xml : 

      <param-value>list of WINS</param-value>

Sherjeel Ghouse

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