[jcifs] cp850 problems

Mike Streeton mike.streeton at ardentia.co.uk
Mon Jun 5 16:55:19 GMT 2006

Thanks for this. I have dumped out jcifs.encoding using
jcifs.Config.list(), but this is showing no value being set the system
property for file.encoding is cp1252. Where would it get the default
from. We are running the same code on several machines, but one machine
always fails, they are all on the same network etc same language etc. An


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On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 17:00:29 +0100
"Mike Streeton" <mike.streeton at ardentia.co.uk> wrote:

> We have a directory browser that is very similar or NetworkExplorer.
> This works okay except on one of our machines where we get the
> error:
> java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException: Cp850
>         sun.io.Converters.getConverterClass(Unknown Source)
> We are using 1.2.9 of the jar, where does it pick the cp850 up from?
> it user/system/environment.


See the overview page of the API documentation for details.


Michael B Allen
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