[jcifs] Re: Encoding Problems under Linux ?

Michael Schlegel lulog1 at yahoo.de
Wed Jul 19 09:47:43 GMT 2006

Hi !

I solved my problem by changing the Encoding in
Trans2FindFirstResponse.readString() from "UnicodeLittle" to
"UnicodeLittleUnmarked". This changes works under Linux, Windows and Solaris.
I use a SystemProperty to change between this to encodings if needed (default =

Here is the changed Method (only the changed part):

    String readString( byte[] src, int srcIndex, int len ) {
        String str = null;
        try {
            if( useUnicode ) 
                // should Unicode alignment be corrected for here?#
                boolean useUnmarkedEncoding = "true".equalsIgnoreCase(
System.getProperty( "jcifs.use.unmarked", "true" ) );
                if( useUnmarkedEncoding )
                    str = new String( src, srcIndex, len,
"UnicodeLittleUnmarked" );                
                    str = new String( src, srcIndex, len, "UnicodeLittle" );

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