[jcifs] authentication

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Wed Jul 12 16:39:20 GMT 2006

> What are you're trying to achieve by leaving the Windows domain out?

Let's say there are 25 domains ...all of them have the same user with
the same password. (Let's not go down the road and question the "why"
*sigh*) So...

domain1\admin password
domain2\admin password
domain25\admin password

At the moment we basically lookup the credentials by the domain and
then do the login. Now some one said "Well, why can't we just have"

 admin password

because when doing a mount of a smbfs/cifsfs he only has to specify
username and password.

So what I am now looking for is the definite answer whether this is
possible or not.

The smbclient might use the domain from smb.conf and pass that on. Not
sure about the smbfs/cifsfs implementations. Obviously this is meant
to work from windows to windows like that. But the question is: can
you leave out the domain on the protocol level and then the server
will assume its domain?

> When
> you don't specify the domain with smbclient I believe the remote server
> simply assumes the user is to be authenticated against the domain
> with which the server is joined.

Which would be what I am after. Would I have that by leaving the
domain set to null?

> The domain in the NTLM HTTP Filter
> is effectively the domain with which the Filter is joined. Therefore
> not specifying a domain with the Filter should have no visible effect
> on clients.

Personally I am not talking about the NTLM HTTP Filter ...I am trying
to see where I can connect (to the IPC$ share)


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