[jcifs] authentication

Göran Karlsson (KA/EAB) goran.karlsson at ericsson.com
Wed Jul 12 12:05:09 GMT 2006

Now I get unsure whether I understood the context correctly or not. I use jcifs as a servlet filter to authenticate web clients. The domain I'm thinking of is the one in the filter configuration in the web.xml. 

In case we are talking about the same thing, I tried without the domain tag in the web.xml too. That would be null, right?
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> Hi, I can just verify that setting the domain to an empty string does 
> not work on V1.2.9. That is, you don't get in. (I tried that to see if 
> it would prevent IE from appending the domain name to the remote user 
> name.)

Did you try with setting it to null (like Mario was talking about) instead of an empty string as well?


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