[jcifs] authentication

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Wed Jul 12 10:20:28 GMT 2006

> I dont know exactly what you try to do, but I tried it with

Well, so far we had the policy that one has to specify domain,
username, password to access a machine. Now someone came along and
pointed out that with smbfs/cifsfs you don't always have to specify
the domain. So the question was turned to us - why the domain.

At the moment I am trying to understand what is required from the
protocol level. Domain vs local authentication etc.

> NtlmPasswordAuthentication and set the domain to null - and it worked.

Ah, ok ...I'll give that a try again. I am sure at some stage I tried
that before ....but that was well more than a year ago.

> To say the truth, even if I set a wrong domain here I can successfully
> connect to the machine, strange ... But I tried it with an rather old
> JCIFS - from VFS you know ;-)

I know ;-) ...I just had a play with jardiff - looks like the latest
jcifs *should* be still compatible with the old jcifs-ext. Which looks
like good news.


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