[jcifs] Problem with NTLM filter in Tomcat

Göran Karlsson (KA/EAB) goran.karlsson at ericsson.com
Mon Jul 3 09:27:04 GMT 2006


My name is Göran, and I'm new on this list.

I have a problem configuring Tomcat to use NTLM authentication using jCIFS. When I add the NtlmHttpFilter in the web.xml of a little test webapp, it seems to work fine, but not if I put it in the "global" web-xml. Then tomcat crashes with a BindException. 

When I search for this error I just get a lot of stuff where people have accidentially started multiple webservers. For me it works as soon as I remove the filter tags for jCIFS.

Have anybody got an idea what is wrong?

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