Erdei Bela ebela at freemail.hu
Thu Jan 5 22:50:36 GMT 2006

Michael B Allen wrote:

>On Thu, 05 Jan 2006 18:45:52 +0100
>Erdei Bela <ebela at freemail.hu> wrote:
>>Hy All!
>>I have a question. What can cause this problem? Every time when i try to 
>>connect to w2k share i got the following error: STATUS_BAD_DEVICE_TYPE.
>>What does it mean? How and where can i solve this problem? In linux box 
>>or on the w2k machine?
>>Here is the tethereal dump:
>>User: WORKGROUP\administrator; Tree Connect AndX, Path: \\IS~SGA
>>  7.585060 -> SMB Session Setup AndX 
>>Response; Tree Connect AndX, Error: STATUS_BAD_DEVICE_TYPE
>Could it be that there are Unicode characters in the share name? A tree
>connect should still work but note that listing shares with Unicode does
>not work. Try setting jcifs.encoding=Cp850. If the server is Samba you
>might get a better result. Otherwise you might see what's going on if
>you get a packet capture.
No Unicode characters in the share name, just simple ascii chars. Here 
is jcifs url:  smb://admin:pass@sga/sga/. It is very simple, i think. I 
think the problem is in the w2k machine.
Can i change some property in w2k? Do you know? Because i don't have idea.
What does it mean: Path: \\IS~SGA. It is good? Why not this: Path: 
\\sga\sga ?
I don't understand, bacause the java program can connect to more another 
machine with same OS.
It is mystical.


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