[jcifs] Re: jCIFS deadlock issue - when can we expect a fix?

Ronny Schuetz usenet-01 at groombridge34.de
Mon Feb 27 11:14:25 GMT 2006

Hi Mike,

> No. I don't think so. All 75 threads should use the same socket to
> multiplex requests (unless the server periodically closes sockets). If
> you set ssnLimit to 25 then you should see ~3 sockets.

Thanks for the explanation. Thats helpful to know.

After some additional stability tests with 200 threads accessing a
single windows share and another stability test of our application it
looks like the deadlock issue is fixed now. In addition to the places
already communicated, I had to synchronize SmbTree#treeConnect() in the
same way:

void treeConnect(ServerMessageBlock andx,
                 ServerMessageBlock andxResponse ) throws SmbException
  // ... add original message body here ...

Maybe you can add this change (or a better one) to the next jCIFS
version. The performance does not seem to be impacted heavily.

Best regards,

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