[jcifs] Problem using JCIFs and JSF

Francisco Pinto fpintoa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 17:08:45 GMT 2006

Hi Johan,

Thank you for your help.

Well, the related problem only occurs when I use JSF. It works fine if I use
a simple JSP (instead a JSF file).
My banchmark is a ASP application on a IIS Server. In that scene, I think,
only the first time (per session) was authenticated. My question is if this
feature (in the JCIFs NtlmHttpFilter class) will be some limitation of the
JCIFs or something like that.

I think this kind of check every page is great overhead on my web
application. What you think about it?

On the other hand, this related problem (lost of request parameters) may be
a Bug (JCIFs or JSF), and I need to found a good solution.


Francisco Pinto Araújo Júnior
fpintoa at gmail.com
pinto at ezbiz.com.br

2006/2/6, WM-data Johan Lidberg, Munksund <johan.lidberg at sca.com>:
> Hi,
> I think the part with NTLM negotiation for every page is normal for http
> connections.
> Once the browser has negotiated basic or ntlm for a page it continues to
> use the the same method for all subsequent requests on that site.
> I think you can avoid this with https. Then you have a reliable/trustable
> connection and
> the brwoser/server does not need auth for every request.
> /Johan Lidberg
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> Ämne: [jcifs] Problem using JCIFs and JSF
> Hi,
> I construct a web application and use JCIFs to authenticate. I observed in
> the NtlmHttpFilter class, that filter negotiate with all pages.
> Why? I think the authentication (the NTLM negotiation) is necessary only
> in
> the first user page call.
> My context is:
> I create my own filter class, based in the NtlmHttpFilter, and I use JAAS
> to
> connect to our internal authorization system.
> In this system, we use a intranet web service to get the user credentials.
> Because the NTLM authentication itself and this authorization step are a
> expensive operations, I tryed to create a cached Subject (JAAS Subject),
> put
> it in the session (http request session). Only the first call negotiate a
> NTLM. At this moment my application works fine.
> But when I use JSF (all .jsf request are intercepted by Faces Servlet), my
> JSF file not receives the request parameters. The application negotiate
> (NTLM), creates a Subject and put it in the session. After this moment,
> all
> request parameters send to the JSF page are missing. I tryed to debuger
> but
> I could not identify the problem.
> If I remove this cache (negotiating all http requests) my JSF application
> works fine again.
> After make a revision over my code, and compare with the JCIFs http filter
> implementation, I remember that JCFs do not use a cache. My question is
> why?
> There are some requirement for that?
> I use Tomcat 5.5.14, JSDK 1.4, JCIFs 1.2.7, and JSF 1.1.
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Francisco Pinto Araújo Júnior
> fpintoa at gmail.com
> pinto at ezbiz.com.br

Francisco Pinto Araújo Júnior
fpintoa at gmail.com
pinto at ezbiz.com.br
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