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Fabien Vincent fabien.vincent at maiznet.fr
Sat Dec 30 10:41:05 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I'm new in this mailing, I just discovered the JCIFS implementation. I
explain the situation :

I have a project for my student association Maiznet. We have a communitarian
network in the student residence, and we have migrated all servers from
Win2k3 to Linux Debian & OpenBSD. Before this migration, a service worked on
the network to search all SMB shares and added all files found in a MySQL
DB. After network users could connect to a web page which made research on
the DB about files sharing by others students.

But the problem is the code of this application is lost and we have now only
the executable (the developer is working now and have no time to recode for
Linux). So I have to recode the complete application and why not in Java
because it's more portable and reusable than the actual C/C++.

So for this project I have some questions perhaps you can help me (I'm so
friendly for the moment with Samba and CIFS, just starting researches):

- Is it possible to browse the subnet or the domain to discover periodically
the hosts available with JCIFS (students' computers are not always powered
on ;) ?
- Is it possible to open a windows share (the most common) simply and to
explore it recursively to obtain the list of shared files ?

Thanks for your reply and your help. I expect you will understand the goal
of my project and help me to realize it. All projects developed by my
association have the goal to be open-source project, so I could share you
the code for an example in JCIFS website.

And have nice end year ;)

Fabien VINCENT - Telecom Lille Student
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Web : http://tobegood.info/
CV : fabien.vincent.en.netcv.org
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