[jcifs] there is a mistake in jcifs-1.2.9.jar about SmbFile constructor

Paul Ling drpaulling at msn.com
Thu Dec 14 23:12:48 GMT 2006

Where and when I can get the fixed version of jcifs.jar? if this bug has not 
fixed, I cannot call listFiles and mkdirs()!

>From: "Eric Glass" <eric.glass at gmail.com>
>To: "Michael B Allen" <mba2000 at ioplex.com>
>CC: "Paul Ling" <drpaulling at msn.com>, jcifs at lists.samba.org
>Subject: Re: [jcifs] there is a mistake in jcifs-1.2.9.jar about SmbFile 
>Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 06:55:02 -0500
>>The bottom line is:
>>1) SmbFile passes URLs directly to java.net.URL. So whatever the case is,
>>it's a problem with java.net.URL. You can see the exceptions are being
>>thrown from within java.net.URL. We could probably work around it but ...
>The problem is that our jcifs.smb.Handler class (which interprets the
>raw URL string on behalf of java.net.URL) unescapes the userinfo
>during parsing, which is inconsistent with "normal" URLStreamHandler
>import java.net.*;
>public class testurl {
>    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
>        URL url = new URL("http://test:test%25n1234@example.com/");
>        System.out.println(url.getUserInfo()); // prints 
>        System.setProperty("java.protocol.handler.pkgs", "jcifs");
>        url = new URL("smb://test:test%25n1234@example.com/");
>        System.out.println(url.getUserInfo()); // prints "test:test%n1234"
>    }
>The issue arises when the SmbFile(SmbFile, String) constructor is
>called and the base SmbFile was created as above; the underlying base
>URL now holds the userinfo in an unescaped representation (i.e.
>"test%n1234"), and creating a relative SMB URL tries to unescape it a
>second time.
>The solution is to move the unescape code from the Handler class into
>the NtlmPasswordAuthentication(String) constructor (patch attached).
>I don't think this would have any impact outside of this constructor
>(which is only there to support the Handler anyway) but your mileage
>may vary...

><< urlfix.patch >>

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