[jcifs] Re: SID.getXxxName returns empty string if account deleted

Jake Goulding goulding at vivisimo.com
Mon Dec 4 18:43:34 GMT 2006

Seems reasonable, but will there be a way to tell if the SID could be 

If the SID is resolvable, I would prefer to use the domain\user format, 
but if it is not resolvable, the full SID would be most useful. If the 
getXxxName always returns a string, how can I tell which case has occurred?

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Is getAccountName, getDomainName or toString returning null? I don't
> think they should. I think I should change the SID class behavior to do the
> following depending on whether or not the SID was successfully resolved:
> toString:
>     resolved:
>         Return a suitable display name
>     un-resolved:
>         Return the full S-X-Y-Z string
> getDomainName:
>     resolved:
>         Return the domain name
>     un-resolved:
>         Return the domain component of the S-X-Y-Z string
> getAccountName:
>     resolved:
>         Return the account name
>     un-resolved:
>         Return only the RID component of the S-X-Y-Z string
> These methods should never return null or an empty string. I'm actually
> not certain what getType() will return. I don't think the user should
> have to checking it at all.
> Additionally another thing I think I will change is to make it so that
> if the SID is not resolved, calling any of these methods will trigger
> it to be resolved. Currently if the SID.resolve() is not called or if
> the SID was not passed through SID.resolveSids it is not resolved and
> the said methods return null. So you will only get the S-X-Y-X strings
> if the resolution failed (e.g. because the account was deleted). This is
> consistent with the Windows ACL editor. Also, after doing this I suppose
> I can make the SID.resolve() method non-public.
> These are all simple changes that should take less than an hour. It was
> sloppy on my part not to consider unresolved sids.


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