[jcifs] About disconnection.

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 02:28:50 GMT 2006

That might be a signing code error in jCIFS, or possibly a config
thing... signing in SMB is per-connection, not per-user, so multiple
users would not matter (the key is based on the credentials of the
first user authenticated on the connection; subsequent users  do
signing with the same key).

>  First, I opened a connection using user AAA, do some stuff, and "logout".
>  And then, I "login" as user BBB to do some thing. But this time, the SMB
>  signing will failed.
>  I think the reason is that although I did "logout" action, I cannot close
>  connection to release all resources.
>  So, when I did login again with different user, the jcifs re-used the
>  connection and also the session key.
>  So, to release all resources, the choice we have are 1) we shutdown
>  application everytime we did "logout" 2) we wait for a while.
>  Any advice about that?
>  Thanks.

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