[jcifs] Possible deadlock?

Jake Goulding goulding at vivisimo.com
Sat Aug 19 13:54:16 GMT 2006

Hey all,

I am using jCIFS do do a crawl of a bunch of local computers (via the  
C$ share). Basically it is just a test to push it to the limit.

However, I seem to consistently get a thread (or a few) stuck on a  
particular host. The host is not constant between runs, but if there  
are a few threads, they all are stuck on the same host.

This time I have jSwat connected to it, so I can actually figure out  
what is happening where.

It is currently stuck in TransactNamedPipeInputStream.read, line 71

This line has a lock.wait() call, and while I'm not particularly well- 
versed with how jCIFS does its locking, but I cannot find a notify  
call that corresponds to it.

Any help is appreciated, and I plan on just leaving the debugger  
connected until I figure this out :-)



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