[jcifs] Can't get kerberos

Shai Bentin shai at bentin.org
Sun Aug 13 20:45:12 GMT 2006

I've setup a jboss appliation server with jcifs and jcifs-ext to use spnego. I mean to setup SSO.
I used a servlet filter to intercept calls to a certain page a login.jsp. These calls are to be authenticated with an active directory server.
The client browsers are explorer 6.02.
My situation is confusing. First of all I don't seem to get an spnego ticket from the browsers, thus I'm not using Kerberos, only ntlm tickets.
I'm able to process these tickets but this behavior is not consistent.
Sometimes I'm able to authenticate and do SSO, sometimes I'm unable to authenticate. I don't seem to see any constancy behind this behavior.
I'm wondering:
whay can't I get the spnego ticket with Kerberos.?? 
What can cause this inconsitent behavior with the NTLM authentication. 
Appreciate ideas..
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