[jcifs] jcifs 1.2.6 and HTTP 1.0 keep-alive connection

Sanglard Fabien sanglardf at yahoo.fr
Mon Oct 31 18:35:10 GMT 2005

Hello guys,

I was working with jcifs 1.2.6/Tomcat 4.1.3 and i
noticed that jcifs no longer
supported Keep-alive Connection for HTTP 1.0. ( This
feature is required by google Appliance servers).

I took a look to the following post:


...in which Johan suggested to set the content length
to 0 during the NTLM authentication process.

Just to make sure, i opened the class
"jcifs.http.NtlmSsp" and noticed that modification
requiered to make it works
was not present.

So, I modified the following:

if (msg != null && msg.startsWith("NTLM ")) {

if (msg != null && msg.startsWith("NTLM ")) {

and it is now working perfectly.

I guess someone removed that during an update or it
was bugging other servlet implementation.


Fabien Sanglard


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