[jcifs] Re: Disconnect from a share

Levi Purvis jcifs at purvis.ws
Thu Oct 20 01:49:28 GMT 2005

On 10/19/05, Alex <asaupp at web.de> wrote:
> Thanks for racking my brains :-)
> Would you have some details on the 'logoff thread' you propose? How would i
> 'logoff'?
> The main point I am trying to be strict is that i want to be sure the
> first session (samba service check) is really closed on server side before
> i run the second service type (check) - having a seperate thread doing the
> logoff doesn't sound like the approach giving a guaranteed close confirmation
> to me?

Oh!  Sorry.  I thought you were just trying to solve the 'Connection
reset by peer' error message on the samba server side.  In this case,
it doesn't necessarily matter *when* the logoff response finishes (or
even the content of the response), just that the samba server doesn't
have it's socket closed on the client end while it's trying to send a

For your problem, it sounds like you need a blocking disconnect() or
logoff() method.

Either way, you'll probably have to change the JCIFS code.  I was just
brainstorming.  :-)

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