[jcifs] RE: UPDATED help - ntlmhttpfilter almost working!!

Smyth, Jim Jim.Smyth at broadvision.com
Wed Oct 19 15:13:41 GMT 2005

Hi all,

an update.  I have made some progress, but am still confused.  I wrote below that I managed to get a response from the NTLMSSP_AUTH request on a couple of occasions.  Now with some more testing I find that I can get more stable results on different machines on the network.  Now I have 2 scenarios:

1. Non-working clients:  makes a NTLMSSP_AUTH request then waits...  After this I only see various TCP packets exchanged (mostly TCP PSH, ACK), not been able to work out a pattern yet though.

2. Working clients: makes a NTLMSSP_AUTH request then soon after makes another NTLMSSP_AUTH request, this time the NTLMSSP data is  slightly different - only the first letter of   Domain name, user name and host name are displayed in ethereal.  Between these calls is some TCP packets, always in the same format:

-> HTTP GET  NTLMSSP_AUTH (with different data as explained above)

Do let me know if this is becoming way too off-topic for this list - it does seem to me that the issue is in the network, but if you have any inout it will be very much appreciated.

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I am trying to get jcifs working in an application server which sits
behind an IIS server (there is a proxy plugin on IIS).  My only
requirement is to get the logged in windows user's username in the app
server (not IIS) so that I can automatically log the user in without
them typing credentials.  I want to use jcifs to do this because of the
features it offers above just the NTLM exchange.

However, I have been able to see (via ethereal and my debugger attached
to the app server), that the NTLM negociation takes place up to the
NTLMSSP_AUTH (type 3) request made by the browser.  After this request,
there is no response.

Browser:  GET /cgi-bin/proxy/application
Server:   401, authenticate
Browser:  AUTH, NTLM type 1
Server:   401, auth type 2
Browser:  401, auth type 3

In the past 2 days, I have had 2 occasions where there was a response to
the type 3 message, but usually the browser just stays waiting for a
reply.  Because of this and because I have an attached debugger, I am
pretty sure that the usual behaviour of not getting a reply is not due
to jcifs, but I am hoping that someone has some input on this (I know),
non-standard approach to using jcifs.

One other point - I am using jcifs-1.2.6.  Interestingly when I
downloaded the src in the jcifs-1.2.6.zip for my debugger, it didnt
always seem to match all line numbers in the jcifs-1.2.6.jar which I had
placed on my app server, so I had to end up copying my compiled version
of the code to the app server  - so it seems there is a mismatch of
versions somewhere??  

thanks for your time


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