[jcifs] Logon dialog after authentication fails

Blank, Gregory gregory.blank at citigroup.com
Mon Oct 3 17:13:42 GMT 2005

Actually, I found an explanation of this problem on this very mailing list:

Whether it is a bug in Tomcat or not, changing the order of setStatus() and setContentLength() does the trick.

Lines 208-209 in NtlmHttpFilter, 
resp.setContentLength(0); /* Marcel Feb-15-2005 */
resp.setStatus( HttpServletResponse.SC_UNAUTHORIZED );
resp.setStatus( HttpServletResponse.SC_UNAUTHORIZED );
resp.setContentLength(0); /* Marcel Feb-15-2005 */


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On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 17:41:23 -0400
"Blank, Gregory" <gregory.blank at citigroup.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am running JCIFs 1.2.4 under Tomcat 5.5 with logonShare option.
> The client is IE 6.0 on a machine which is not a member of the target domain.
> If the IE security option for intranet is set to auto logon, IE sends the local id/password and authentication
> fails as expected.
> What is not expected is that IE displays a blank page instead of giving me a logon dialog.
> Tomcat's access log shows 401, 401 and then 200 with no length.
> Now, when I commented out line 208 in NtlmHttpFilter
> ----->        resp.setContentLength(0); /* Marcel Feb-15-2005 */
> everything started working: IE gets 401 as the 3rd response and shows the logon dialog.
> It looks like Tomcat overrides 401 when response length is 0.  
> So my question is: why was this line (208 in NtlmHttpFilter) put there in the first place?

I think IE expects a bunch of error text in the response for some
reason. Anyway here is the original message:


If someone can produce a capture of NTLM HTTP auth w/ IIS failing w/
401 then I'll change this to emulate that and use it as the precedent for
"correct" behavior.

Otherwise I'd rather not ping-pong back and fourth with this.


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