[jcifs] Problem with jcifs-1.2.0

Paul Scott paul.scott at kau.se
Mon May 30 13:05:50 GMT 2005


I have been using Davenport for a few months now. I've been dropping the 
latest jcifs jar files into the lib/ folder to keep up-to-date without any 
problems until now.

The jcifs-1.2.0 jar file causes a Jetty error: HTTP ERROR: 500 ; 

It works with jcifs-1.1.11 makes the system work again.

To troubleshoot, I created an identical Davenport configuration (with 
jcifs-1.2.0) on another machine but there I cannot duplicate the problem - it 
works perfectly!

On the machine with the problem, I can see:
"Authenticating "DOMAIN\user" against "xxx/193.XX.XXX.X"", but I never get the 
response "Authentication succeeded."

I have made sure that the different machines are running same kernel 
(2.6.11-1.14_FC3smp - Fedora Core 3) and same latest versions of Java. They 
are both running an iptables firewall which is also identical.

I am certain the problem is with the server but I cannot think what other 
dependencies there might be that could be causing one of them to fail.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Paul Scott, System Administrator
IT-enheten, Karlstad University, 651 88 Karlstad, Sweden
+46 (0)54-700-2307 icq: 272824579 http://www.kau.se

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