[jcifs] Problem concerning the davenport servlet - sso mechanism

arnaud LE NORCY arnaud.lenorcy at gmail.com
Thu May 26 15:29:59 GMT 2005


I'm French, i don't speak English (and also write...) very well... but
i'm going to try :

I downloaded davenport-0.9.10. I'm using tomcat 5.0 with this servlet.
It's ok and it's run well.

I want to use the Single sign-one mechanism of tomcat (with the Valve

Actually, before to launch the davenport servlet, the user
authenticate himself on another web application which is also on
tomcat : I would like the user don't authenticate again when  he
launch the davenport servlet. The first application uses a classic
tomcat BASIC authentication (data are in LDAP...).

I'm lost, can you help me?


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