[jcifs] Re: Question about Jarapac

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue May 3 01:08:47 GMT 2005

There are no docs. Jarapac is somewhat experimental. Only the SMB named
pipe transport with some Windows workstation management functions has been
demonstrated to work. Integrity & confidentiality security features are
broken (although I beleive they may have worked in the original 0.0.0
version - I basically commented that part out because it was in the way
for some reason).

Pls send all questions to the JCIFS mailing list.


Amlan Chatterjee said:
> Message body follows:
> Hi
> I need to use a java or c/c++ binding to DCE on a linux box
> for an application I have been working on. I downloaded
> jarapac and I am trying to use it. But I cant find any
> relevant documentation or API docs. Could you please point
> me to those ?
> My need is pretty simple. I need to register for certain
> events using DCE callbacks on a certain server and once I
> get the RPC notification, I need to perform some tasks.
> Any help will be highly appreciated.
> Thanks
> -Amlan
> Amlan Chatterjee
> amlanc at gmail.com
> Mountain View CA, USA
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