[jcifs] Unprotecting specific directory

Christian Dechery christian at ability.com.br
Mon Jun 13 19:03:15 GMT 2005

I have a bit of a problem here and I would like to know if it's possible 
to get to a simple solution with jCIFS.

I already have it up and running perfectly on my web-application.

I have to send emails from the application, and these emails are going 
to have images on them, but I don't want to attach the images, so I will 
use the old "http://.. " thing. The problem is that the filter on my 
web-app is set to "/*" meaning it protects EVERYTHING on the webapp, and 
the webapp is the root for the website.

How could I get around to unprotect only ONE dir, the dir of the images 
that would appear on emails, so that this dir could be used with no 
authentication? Is it possible, or will I have to set filters for all 
the dirs except for this one to get this done?



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