[jcifs] Re: HTTP Authentication failing

Scrumpy Jak paul.pree at bmssolutions.com
Thu Jun 9 05:58:45 GMT 2005

Michael B Allen <mba2000 <at> ioplex.com> writes:

> With a valid jcifs.smb.client.{domain,username,password} supplied
> for "preauthentication" you should not get "Unverified Signature"
> exceptions.
Thanks Mike. Dumb mistake. When I cut and pasted the domain,username,password
filters I neglected to change the 'domain' to 'password' so it was  setting the
domian twice, and no password. Doh!


We are now getting closer to a solution, but there is still some inconsistency.
- when using jCIFS 1.1.11 and pointing to our Windows2003 DC it fails. This
server has had netbios re-enabled, but is unable to be rebooted yet.

- when using jCIFS 1.1.11 and pointing to an old windows 2000 DC (on a remote
site)it works fine

By removing jCIFS 1.1.11, replacing it with jCIFS 1.2.0 and changing nothing
else it works fine
By pointing back to the Windows 2003 DC it reverts to letting the first user in
and failing for the second.

Since we have a working setup I'll drop the issue until the DC has been rebooted.
If it works after that, given that only netbios has been re-enabled, then this
would not make sense since 1.2.0 does not use netbios.
If it still fails, then I have to try and find what was changed on this machine, 
despite assurances that "nothing was changed'.

I guess I'm saying that either way I'm still not out of the woods, but really
appreciate your help as we have progressed a long way based on your input.

Thanks again

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