[jcifs] Re: HTTP Authentication failing

Scrumpy Jak paul.pree at bmssolutions.com
Wed Jun 8 02:33:44 GMT 2005

Richard Caper <rcaper <at> gmail.com> writes:

> This particular case looks to be failing to connect to the target
> server on a lower level than jCIFS.  Can you telnet from the Tomcat
> server to on port 139 (i.e. "telnet
> 139")?  It looks to be a basic connectivity issue here (not sure about
> the previous errors).  I believe the newer versions of jCIFS use
> whichever of 139 and 445 is available (which may be why you are
> getting different errors with 1.2.0).
Hi Richard

No, I can't telnet to port 139 on either of the DC's we have access to.
Port 445 connects fine.

Would you expect port 139 to be available? Given that we are using 1.1.11
or 1.2.0 will it be necessary for this to be opened up? 

Note that the DC's are on the same subnet.
No intentional security tightening occurred on the servers on question.

Thanks for your help!

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