[jcifs] Sorry just a beginner question

Wallace, Scott SWALLACE at kmg.com
Fri Jun 3 15:58:14 GMT 2005

Sorry folks, my experience with Tomcat is I finished the install 15 mins
I'm trying to get jCIFS 1.2.0 installed.    The instructions say copy
the latest jCIRS.jar file to the lib/ directory of your webapp [1].   I
have a webapps directory in the root of the tomcat install directory but
it has no lib directory under it.   I found another webapps directory
under tomcat\server but again it has no lib directory.   I have a number
of lib directories so which one.   I assume the src directory contents
from the jcifs-1.2.0.zip file goes in \tomcat\src  but what about the
docs and example folders.    Anybody have time to help a newbie ?

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