[jcifs] Obtaining NT Domain Username And Password using jCIFS

Martin Goros martingoros at datafull.com
Wed Jul 27 02:58:16 GMT 2005


I´m a consultant currently working on a j2ee web application in which we are currently authenticating the username and password by using a JSP with a two fields form (User and Password) as interface with the user and validating the user´s input against Active Directory through JNDI. Now the client wants the application to automatically obtain the NT domain username and validate it against AD.

The application will only be accesed by systems with IE sharing the same domain. Also, the client don´t consider password authentication mandatory and they don´t plan to use AD for other purpose than authenticating the username for different applications.

Today I´ve been searching thw web for ways of doing this, and went across this project and the NTLM HTTP Authentication Filter, but as I´m not a Windows Security Expert, I have some doubts that hope someone could help me with:

-This filter could replace my login form + Active Directory validation (if the Windows and My Application username are the same) as the NT Domain users are equivalent to the ones found under the same domain in AD, right?

-If I´d like to only obtain the NT domain username (instead of obtaining + validating as the documented filter does) from my j2ee application so that I can keep using JNDI, does jCIFS API provide some method to do this?

Thank in advanced,

Martin Gorostegui
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