[jcifs] Absence of 'automagical' WINS server resolution in jcifs when compared to smb/nmb/winbind

John Utz jutz at centeris.com
Fri Jul 22 18:46:44 GMT 2005

Hello jcif-rs!

jcifs-1.11  works wonderfully if you provide it with some relatively explicit facts concerning WINS and the domain controller.

in addition to the name of the domain, i need to correctly fill out




I run smb/nmb/winbind on the same computer. I do not need to provide this information to these tools, they appear to discern these facts automagically.

Is there some way that i can configure jcifs to behave more like samba in this respect?

Placing ip information in configuration files that are located on each and every jcifs machine in the domain seems rather brittle.

If forces outside of my  control decide to change the name of the domainController or the IP of the wins server, then all my jcifs boxes are broken, and nobody will be able to login to fix it because they wont be validated against the domain :-(

Am i correct in my understanding of how this works?

Is this a subject that has been pondered by the jcifs developers? Is this an explicit design decision? or is this a bug that needs fixing?


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