[jcifs] strange behavior

Aaron J Weber aweber at comcast.net
Fri Jul 8 16:44:50 GMT 2005

Using the jcifs filter on my webapp, it seemed to be working fine all morning -- number of users in the sub-100 range, probably.

However, around Noon (EST, in case you really care) I suddenly started getting prompted for credentials with the Network Connection dialog (I think everyone else did too).

I tried restarting, looking in the logs, but didn't find anything.

Finally, I had to comment-out the jcifs filter from the web.xml file and revert to standard authentication scheme for my app.

Does anyone know why this might happen?  What could have changed during the day that (I guess) the browser started considering my app in a non-intrAnet site?

Using v 1.1.11 on WLS 7.0 SP5.

Thanks in advance,
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