[jcifs] 1.1.0 works, but 1.2.1 does not?

Aaron J Weber aweber at comcast.net
Fri Jul 8 12:48:13 GMT 2005

What type of trace do you need?  Just set the logLevel to 3 or N?  Or do you need something more complex?

Please advise and I'll get this for you.


  > So, like I said, I'm content, HOWEVER, if the developers would like
  > me to generate any kind of logs or traces, etc.  I'll be more than happy
  > to assist in furthering a great set of code.

  Pls send me a trace of 1.1.0 (or better 1.1.11) working and one of 1.2.1
  failing. Use the same base config. Then we'll see real quick what the
  problem is.

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