[jcifs] 1.1.0 works, but 1.2.1 does not?

Aaron J Weber aweber at comcast.net
Fri Jul 8 02:28:17 GMT 2005

I'm actually "OK" with running 1.1.0 for now, it works fine.

However, I just spent an hour trying to make 1.2.1 work (before I tried an older version), and couldn't get it to work in my environment.

Continuously, I'll get a "java.net.UnknownHostException: Failed to negotiate with a suitable domain controller for XXXX".

With logLevel set to 3 I saw it find three DC's, but end-up with the same exception.

I tried the ssnLimit = 1, tried the "PreAuthentication", tried explicitly specifying a DC by IP Address, tried baddr, laddr and changing the case of the target-domain.  Nothing helped.

Once I cleaned-out my web.xml and put back the bare-bones entries (domain and wins -- kept logLevel) then replaced the jar with 1.1.0, everything worked fine.

I'm pretty sure the DC's are Win2K3.

So, like I said, I'm content, HOWEVER, if the developers would like me to generate any kind of logs or traces, etc.  I'll be more than happy to assist in furthering a great set of code.

Let me know how I can help, or if anyone has a "you're a stupid newbie; here's the quick-fix" comment.  (Like I said, I'm trying to help, so no flames, please.)

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