[jcifs] Re: NtlmHttpFilter: GUEST sometimes replaces username specified in web.xml due to session deserialization

Peter McKenzie petermcke at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 11:43:38 GMT 2005

Peter McKenzie writes:

> We have been having a problem under tomcat that when we restart the server we
> sometimes cannot get it to work against Windows 2003 DCs. The problem turns out
> to be caused by Tomcat session deserialization. This problem started after we
> put in account details (jcifs.smb.client.{username,password,domain}) to handle
> SMB signatures.

Should have mentioned that the final error me get is:

Failed validate DC: DOMAIN<1C>/ip.ip.ip.ip: Logon failure: account currently
StandardWrapperValve[sso]: Servlet.service() for servlet sso threw exception
java.net.UnknownHostException: Failed to negotiate with a suitable domain
controller for DOMAIN

- Peter

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