[jcifs] Translating SIDs

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Fri Jan 28 00:07:05 GMT 2005

rob said:
> Does jCIFS or jCIFS-ext provide methods to translate Windows SIDs to
> actual
> Usernames?
> Nothing in the API docs is jumping out at me.

You can do it with Jarapac/JCIFS/MIDLC but it's all very round-about, it's
not packaged nicely, and lacks a user-friendly API. You really have to
know about MSRPC, IDL, named pipes, endpoints, etc (although the examples
are pretty easy to run).

JCIFS 1.0 is all about files and directories. JCIFS 2.0 will be all about
integrating Java subject based security with MS Windows and Kerberos.
Things like resolving SIDs will be trivial (you won't even realize you're
doing it).


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