[jcifs] NTLM Filter error message

Jeroen ter Voorde j.tervoorde at home.nl
Wed Jan 19 08:01:10 GMT 2005

Michael B Allen wrote:

>Jeroen ter Voorde said:
>>I've tested this and it still seems to go wrong when all dcs in dc_list
>>become null because they don't
>>respond. This seems to fix it (in SmbSession.java):
>>141:        // All dc's failed to respond.
>>142:        dc_list_expiration = System.currentTimeMillis() + 10000; /*
>>10sec */
>>143:        throw new UnknownHostException( "Failed to negotiate with a
>>suitable domain controller for " + DOMAIN );
>>144:    }
>I don't understand. What's different about this from what I updated? What
>goes wrong?
Your fix solved the problem when the dc_list refresh itself went wrong 
(because the WINS server is not
available or something like that).

This is to reset the expiration time when all entries in dc_list become 
null because the domaincontrollers are not available.
These will remain null resulting in a UnknownHostException at each 
request until the dc_list is refreshed again (after the normal 
expiration time).


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